Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Arrow, 2.06, "Keep Your Enemies Closer"

For the past 2 weeks, we've had some pretty exciting episodes, especially for this little nerd. Arrow has done a superb job of keeping my personal interest and keeping it rising. On top of it, we had killer episodes two weeks in row still fairly early into the season. We've recently witnessed the return of Sarah Lance in the form of the "Canary", a supposed conduit to the "Black Canary", mentions of The League of Assassins, and even seen some members of the League, and mentions of the leader himself, Ra's Al Ghul. We've also been introduced to a less familiar villains, Anthony Ivo and Isabel Rochev. Among these additions to the show are several more yet to come including the arrival of the "Flash" portrayed by Glee's Grant Gustin. Nevermind the rumors on twitter concerning "The Vampire Diaries" Steven R. McQueen and his association with the Arrow writer's room and expressed interest in playing "Nightwing". This is me hoping that Huntress returns from Gotham with a friend.

What new characters did we get this week, you ask? The ever-not-so-popular Amanda Waller and a mention of the H.I.V.E. organization. One can only speculate as to where the writers are going with all of these new additions. Whatever route they do take, they've made it quite clear that this is definitely the DC Universe and as far as this fan is concerned, I couldn't be more pleased. 

This week's episode focused mainly on Diggle and an extraction mission performed by him, Oliver, and Felicity. Diggle's ex-wife, Lila, has gone missing and is actually being held captive inside a Russian prison, coincidentally, or not, the same prison that Deadshot, who killed Dig's brother, is also being held in. While trying to keep Isabel, who inconveniently tagged along because Oliver dubbed the trip a business trip,  off their trail, the team focusses on Diggle and making sure he escapes the prison with Lila. In the meantime, a few other minor events take place, putting Oliver and a jealous Felicity slightly at odds. 

Throughout the episode, as usual, we get a few new flashbacks, these ones containing Sarah and Ivo, continuing what we saw last week. Although, Sarah's actions and intentions start looking questionable. 

While this episode was seemingly uneventful in the big scheme of things, one thing was revealed concerning Amanda Waller that I imagine will later have a big impact on not only Oliver, but any other hero that's brought into the mix. 

And that's it for this week, kiddos! Catch yah next week!