Sunday, November 10, 2013

Possible Ant-Man Casting Call

Last night Bludhaven Banter posted some insiderish casting calls for an the 11th episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and and an upcoming untitled Marvel film project.  While the writer there went on to speculate that the film project might be Doctor Strange or Black Panther and that we might not find out for years just what it was, deductive logic and facts argue strongly against that.  Cutting to the chase, the casting call is most likely for...

After the jump I'll do my best to explain just why I think that is...

What you see below is the portion of the much larger casting call sheet from Bludhaven Banter. I've just cut out the part the applies to the casting for the Untitled Marvel movie:
First lesson about deductive reasoning and logic in my life: if you're afraid to make connections and draw conclusions, you're never going to be right.  Second lesson: sometimes you're wrong.  Point is, I could be 100% wrong about this entirely, but I don't, as of now, think I am.  Third lesson: if you're wrong, you can always revise your idea when new information comes along.  So, if I'm wrong and I find out why, I get to revamp my thoughts.  It's called being a person.  It's awesome.  Having said all that, here's how I come up with the idea that what you see above is a casting call for Ant-Man.

First of all it was lumped in with a bunch of other casting calls that neded actors in the month of November.  While the date here says TBD, remember this is a casting call for a film.  They'll need to audition the parts, etc.  The only film we know Marvel is actively casting right now is Ant-Man.

That alone is a huge leap.  Fortunately, the casting call is full of helpful information, which I circled.  If you out the casting director and casting associate you get the names Sarah Finn and Jason Stamey.  While both of these people have worked with Marvel in the past, the only time an IMDB search (I know it's IMDB) comes up with them in this specific combination is for Ant-Man. According to her IMDB page, Sarah Finn has been Marvel's Casting Director for all of Marvel's films.Have a look at Stamey's page here.  The only film for which he is an associate is Ant-Man

At this juncture, that's enough for me to buy into this being a casting call for Ant-Man.  As for what roles they'll be filling, the one that makes the most sense and also helps connect this to Ant-Man is the "Young Girl." If everything we know about Edgar Wright's film is true, we'll be seeing a version of "To Steal an Ant-Man".  In that comic arc, Scott Lang steals Hank Pym's Ant-Man tech in order to save a doctor: the doctor who he believes is the only one that can save the life of his young daughter who suffers from a fatal heart condition. After having decided this is a casting call for Ant-Man, it becomes possible that the casting call for the "Young Girl" is for the role of Scott Lang's daughter. 

As for the rest of the bunch...well they could be almost anyone.  My first instinct is that they are working for Cross Tech, the company responsible for kidnapping the doctor whose help Lang seeks.  They could just as easily be anyone else, and they may not even be bad guys or villains, but there's a lot we don't know about the film.

That's what I have for today on this matter.  Id have shared it with the guy at Bludhaven Banter, but he blocked me from Twitter because I hurt his feelings. Keep in mind there's a pretty small chance that I'm right and a pretty great chance that I'm wrong; however, if I never took a shot, I'd have no shot at being right. What do you guys think?  Have I lost it?