Friday, November 22, 2013

Moon Knight To Be Relaunched As Part of All-New Marvel NOW!

Marvel has made quite a splash and sparked a bit of grumbling with their willingness to frequently renumber titles as part of its Marvel NOW! strategy. The Fantastic Four, for instance, will be renumbered in February when it is taken over by a new creative team despite having a continuous book going right now.  Despite that bit of controversy, which I think is neither here nor there, Marvel has given solo books to some characters who have been absent from the scene for some time.  Today Marvel revealed that Moon Knight will one such character and will get a new solo book beginning in March! Hit the jump to find out who the creative team is and what their take on one of my favorite Marvel characters.

In an interview with Hero Complex, All-New Marvel NOW! Moon Knight writer, Warren Ellis, who wrote the Iron Man Extremis arc, talked about his plans Marc Spector, the Fist of Khonshu.  Ellis promises that his run on the character, the first since Brian Michael Bendis' 12 issue-series ended in April of 2012, "unifies all the previous takes, making the character whole and taking him forward into a new kind of crime fiction."  "The best Moon Knight stories for me were always ground-level but weird crime," said Ellis when asked what kind of crime fiction he had in mind. "Weird crime has kind of been the touchstone for me for this revival."

Ellis' story will take Spector back to his roots in New York and that his series is inspired by the original 70s Moon Knight book by Doug Moench. While Bendis' run saw Spector in Los Angeles and focused on some of his mental issues, Ellis wanted to take the focus away from the illness and put him back in New York because "there's just a wonderful strangeness to seeing that particular figure against a New York landscape...[of all the] urban caped superhero characters, I think he's almost the most incongruous."

If you read the rest of the article, you'll see Ellis certainly seems to be VERY eager to work on this book and set things in order for one of Marvel's underrated heroes. In the past there have been some very good Moon Knight books, however, they all seem to hit a wall at some point and hit the dumps. Having Ellis on this book is very interesting. Now I'm gonna have to pick this one up too...I've been dying for someone to write a damn good Moon Knight book and now this! Thanks Marvel...just take more money, I guess! 

Source: LA Times Hero Complex