Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Marvel's Daredevil Netflix Series To Be Written By Drew Goddard

I haven't owned a website on which to spew my thoughts for very long; if I had owned this website when Joss Whedon first hooked up with Marvel, you would have read a piece by me begging Whedon to help his buddy, Drew Goddard, to get his hands on a Marvel project. According to an exclusive piece over at The Wrap, I've gotten my wish and, it seems, it may well coincide with one of Goddard's as he is reportedly in negotiations to write Marvel's Daredevil series, which will debut on Netfilx in 2015.

Goddard, a longtime associate of Whedon's (the two actually worked together on Cabin in the Woods and encouraged the then unknown Chris Hemsworth to tryout for the role of Thor), was one of the first and loudest voices to be heard in support of The Avengers. As it turns out, Goddard is a big fan of the comics and, in particular Daredevil. In an interview with Collider from July of 2012, which you can see below, Goddard talks about his passion for Daredevil and what he'd like to do with the property.  The interview was done before the Daredevil rights were returned to Marvel and also contains a lot of non-Marvel talk. Skip to around 6 minutes to hear the Daredevil business.

Whether or not Goddard is going to dictate to Marvel just what Daredevil story they tell is in question, but he clearly would be thrilled to do a screenplay for Frank Miller's "Born Again" arc which sees Daredevil's secret identity as Matt Murdock sold, eventually, to his arch-enemy the Kingpin. While this would be an outstanding series, I'm not sure that it would be the introduction into the MCU to which we are accustomed. As of now Daredevil is only up for 13 issues, some of which you'd think would be spent dealing with Murdock's origins as The Man Without Fear. A "Born Again" arc might be better suited to a second or third season or, even better, a film if the series does well.

I'm very happy to see Goddard, who I believe to be an outstanding writer, in talks to write this show because he's a top talent. This shows me that, despite it being a TV-on-demand series, Marvel is committed to making it a great show.  I'm curious who the studio will hire to pen the other shows and how much, if any, Goddard will have to do with those shows and The Defenders mini-series.  What are your thoughts on Goddard taking on Daredevil?