Monday, November 18, 2013

Flash Will Get His Own Pilot PLUS First Look at Barry Allen From Next Week's Arrow

Since the announcement that Barry Allen would be introduced this season on Arrow ahead of his own show, the plan was always that the third and final appearance of Allen on Arrow would serve as a "backdoor" pilot for the upcoming Flash series.  Today, Deadline reported that, after screening the two upcoming episodes of Arrow in which Allen, played by Grant Gustin, will guest star, the executives at the CW were so impressed that they changed course.  While the original plan was to use Episode 20 of Arrow to tell Allen's origins as the Flash, it now seems that they are going to hold off and use the first episode of The Flash series to introduce Allen's super speed. We will get our first look at Gustin in action as Allen next Wednesday, but, if you hit the jump, you can see the first pictures of Gustin from the episode entitled, "The Scientist."