Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Edgar Wright Describes the Tone of Ant-Man

While talking to ET about his last film, At World's End, Ant-Man director Edgar Wright gave a little insight into what kind of film Ant-Man will be and how it will stand out in the summer of 2015 while following Batman vs. Superman and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

ET asked Wright what about his upcoming addition to the MCU would make kids buy Ant-Man gear and Wright responded:
"I want to make him into a badass [laughs]. No, I always liked that comic and I always thought it would be an interesting thing to see in live-action. That's why I [showed] that Comic-Con test that we did for Marvel, to show this fight scene like a proof of content, like this is what the action is going to look like. I think a lot of people who maybe don't know the character sort of see that est and go, 'Oh, right, I get it. It's like an action film,' so that's the idea. I think people will be surprised by what kind of movie it is, and so in that respect it's something that I know is going to stand out because it's got a very different story and is a very different movie."
ET followed up by asking Wright what the tone of the film would be and, unsurprisingly, Wright mentioned it would have some comedic elements, "Well, I think the Marvel movies are funny, you know? I think generally the Iron Man films and The Avengers is funny. They're not ever in the comedy section, but they are funny and entertaining, so I think it'll be something in a similar vein to that."

Wright certainly seems confident about the film and given the fact he's worked on it for so long, I imagine he should. I'm looking very forward to the film. Despite there being quite a bit of internet hatred spewed at Ant-Man or about Wright's comedic style, I think Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne are instrumental characters in the MCU and could honestly see a solo sequel or two made if the first one is well-done. There are some great stories to be told, especially given the expected inclusion of Scott Lang.