Thursday, November 21, 2013

Director James Mangold Confirms The Wolverine Follow-Up Will Be Comic-Based

While The Wolverine was not the best comic book movie I saw this year, I felt it was a pretty solid film; however, I felt that it was THE best performance Jackman has given as Logan and that it captured the essence of what a Wolverine film should be as best as it could given it's PG-13 rating. With the November 19th release of the film via digital download (The Wolverine Extended available at , Jackman and director James Mangold have been doing some promotional press. Recently, it was revealed that Jackman and Mangold will be back for a follow up to the successful solo-film and today Mangold, in an interview with iamROGUE, that he is once again turning to the pages of the comics, as he did in The Wolverine, for inspiration for the sequel.
The classic Wolverine gear, seen in the alternate ending on The Wolverine Blu-Ray

IAR asked Mangold if it was possible that The Wolverine sequel might take place in the two years that passed  between the film's ending and the film's stinger which ties it to the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past to which Mangold replied, "This is a good observation. I honestly have sketches and ideas, but there are many alternatives and that certainly is indeed a window that exists." When IAR asked if there were specific Wolverine books from which Mangold might draw inspiration for the sequel, the director added, "Absolutely. I can tell you that in determining where we are going I'm not solely relying on my own imagination but also the imaginations that have spun great stories about Wolverine in the comics."

I've not kept up with a lot of the solo Wolverine arcs so I have no opinion about what they might pursue, however it seems that we may not have seen the last of Logan in Japan. What do you Logan fans think is coming?