Sunday, November 17, 2013

Collector's Corner Comic Book Shop

Yesterday, while waiting in between my daughter's basketball games, I decided to use the old Google machine to search for a comic shop. I found the nearest one, Collector's Corner, to be about 6 miles away so I stopped by to see what I could find. I have been looking to fill in some blank spots in my Adam Warlock collection and always like to look around and see if I find anything I want. Here's what I walked out with:

I've been contemplating trying the new Amazing X-Men series, but didn't want to pay for 12 issues without trying it out first.  All-Star Superman and The Thanos Imperative just kinda jumped out at me and the red Marvel Fact File binder is just about the best $2 I could spend. I didn't know this was out there, but it seems that Marvel will be updating the binder with packs every so often.  They are nice little sheets and my oldest daughter really enjoyed reading through them. I plan to scan them and put them on the site in the near future.

I had some nerd talk with the shop's owner, Andrew, who was an extremely friendly and helpful guy.  We exchanged e-mails and I let him know that, because he was so helpful and his store was so cool, that I'd be telling you guys all about him so that, if you're in the Midland, MI area, you'd stop in and check out Collector's Corner for yourself.