Thursday, October 17, 2013

Walking Dead in Space

Sweet Sassy Molassy!!!!

Last week at NYCC '13 we heard from writer Robert Kirkman that there would be a spin-off series based on AMC's The Walking Dead.  Other details were sparse but it was enough for most fans to find out that there would be another show with more zombies set in the same universe as The Walking Dead, which remains one of TV's most watched shows.

MTV Splash Page sat down with Kirkman after the con and were able to pry one very important detail out of him...the location:

Kirkman: "It's going to be a new location with new characters, it won't be dependent on the previous show at all."

MTV: "It's Walking Dead in Space, right?"

Kirkman: "Yes! It's Walking Dead on the moon."

While it certainly calls back to a segment of my favorite childhood show, The Muppets:

I'm sure this series will be a bit darker and more grisly than that, however.  This is definitely a very cool idea by Kirkman and crew that I look forward to hearing more about as it develops.