Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Set Visit Reveals A TON of Great Info

Following the lifting of the embargo on set visit reports, the good folks at Screen Rant have put together an impressive report from their time on the set of Thor: The Dark World.  In a very unique style, they've put together a series of small stories about the 25 most important things they learned on their visit.  I'd really suggest heading over there to read the whole thing.

Of extreme interest is the article about the seeding of the MCU for future movies, including a third Thor film.  They seem to think, as do I and a lot of others, that Malekith may just be the tip of the dark spear and that he may be working for someone far more dangerous: Surtur.  Back in August, I speculated that Surtur would possibly appear at the end of Thor: The Dark World, setting up the destruction of Asgard and the Ragnarok in the third and, possibly, final Thor solo film.  For a whole lot of reasons, Surtur's inclusion in the third Thor film makes too much sense to pass up and is really  making the rounds as the most likely scenario.  We will all know soon enough as Thor: The Dark World debuts in the US on November 8.

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