Saturday, October 12, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Casting News: Bor, Father of Odin

Scottish actor Tony Curran (Syfy's Defiance, Underworld: Evolution) let the world in on a little secret yesterday via Twitter:
It appears that Curran, in flashback sequences, will portray Bor, father of Odin and grandfather of Thor.  Bor, one of the original Norse gods, was responsible for creating the universe and was the Architect of Asgard. Certainly, with a timeline in the film that spans 5,000 years we will see Bor come to conflict with Malekith.

With only 4 weeks left until the US release of Thor: The Dark World it's interesting that we still know so very little about the direction of the film.  All that will change soon enough as it comes out a week earlier in parts of Europe and Asia.  Pretty soon it will be hard to stay unspoiled!