Friday, October 18, 2013

RUMOR: Rashida Jones is the Front-Runner for Janet Van Dyne in Edgar Wright's Ant-Man

Roby D'Ottavi over at Superhero Movie News has landed a big time exclusive about Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man film.  According to his source, actress Rashida Jones is currently the favorite to be cast as Janet Van Dyne opposite Paul Rudd's Hank Pym.

D'Ottavi claims his source, who accurately reported that Paul Rudd would be a front-runner for Ant-Man, contacted him again saying that Jones, the daughter of Quincy Jones, has had wonderful chemistry with Rudd in auditions.  That report is unsurprising given the two have worked together in the past on I Love You, Man and My Idiot Brother.  Interestingly, the source also claims that another reason Jones is a favorite is that she also has good chemistry with former Parks and Rec co-worker Chris Pratt, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Star-Lord, bringing up immediate speculation that the two will be bumping into each other soon.

The source told D'Ottavi that Jones will only fill the role of Pym's love interest as Janet Van Dyne and will not be taking on the dual role of The Wasp in this film, though it's reported that the film will be full of hints and foreshadowing to her becoming that character in future MCU installments.

If this report is accurate Rudd is to be cast as the lead, leaving Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the role of Doctor Strange. I'm on board with this plan big time.  Jones is both beautiful and a wonderful actress and has been awesome in her past work with Rudd. If the source is accurate this gives us a brief glimpse at the early stages evolution of Phase 3.  What are your thoughts guys?  How do you feel about Jones as Janet Van Dyne??