Thursday, October 10, 2013

UPDATE: RUMOR: Jamie Bell is Ant-Man

Readers of the site know that I'm very excited about the beginning of production on Marvel Studio's Ant-Man.  Just over a week ago, Ant-Man co-writer and director, Edgar Wright tweeted that he was back in Los Angeles and posted a photo that showed a fully costumed Ant-Man in front of some blue screen.  At the time of the tweet we had no reason to believe that Wright was giving us something new; the majority of the people that ran stories on the tweet, including myself, assumed it was just a still from the Ant-Man test footage from 2 years ago.

 Well, if the set of rumors over at IMDB prove to be true, which I first read about over at Superhero Movies News when my man Knight Gambit ran this story, the photo Wright attached to the tweet wasn't was brand spanking new and was our first look at Jamie Bell as Ant-Man!

The rumor certainly goes down the "my sister's boyfriend's neighbor" route, as Knight Gambit points out, but the gist of it is that a lady by the name of Olivia Young, who happens to work as a costume designer, had a conversation with her friend about working in Los Angeles for a few days doing costume fittings for a screen test for Edgar Wright's new film.  She of course had no idea what the name of the film was, what Ant-Man was...only that she did the costume fitting for Jamie Bell.  Now, had it been my friend, I'd likely have e-mailed her the picture embedded above and asked, "Hey, does that look like the costume you fit?  Say hi to your mother for me, " however, it seems that this IMDB user lacked the ability or foresight to try to gather any sort of actual evidence for his claim.

Knight Gambit contacted the user and asked him a few questions but none of them elicited any more real information other.  Knight Gambit also found the following tweet from Jamie Bell which does, apparently, place him in LA a day after the tweet by Edgar Wright and during the same 3-day span Olivia Young claimed to have been fitting costumes:

Intrigued by this rumor I tweeted both Wright and Bell today, asking if the man in the photo was, in fact, Bell.  Unsurprisingly, because they have no idea who the hell I am and have a whole bunch of better things to do than tweet with me, neither of the gentlemen, we have no way to prove or disprove any of this for now.  In cases such as these it is best to go forward expecting nothing at all to come of it, but keep it in the back of our minds just in case it resurfaces down the road.

We do know that Wright was scheduled to begin production this month upon returning from a holiday and, as I postulated, casting of the leads should not be too far away.  So, will Jamie Bell be Ant-Man?  I certainly wouldn't mind.  Bell is an excellent actor and, furthermore, if Wright has picked him to be his lead then I'm sure he will kill the role.  I've never seen a poorly cast Edgar Wright film.  Do you know why?  Because Edgar Wright doesn't cast poorly!  We here at Comic Book Brain Splatter are clearly huge fans of Wright and his films and also fans of Marvel Studios' films so we will be doing our best to keep you updated on any developments on this story and anything to do with Ant-Man!


The IMDB user that originally caused all the ruckus has contacted Knight Gambit again via PM.  Apparently  Olivia Young works has asked her friend to take down the original IMDB post.  Far more interesting is that Olivia and the company for which she works may be headed back in November for more fittings in further screen tests.  I'm a big fan of this idea because it fits nicely in the timeline that I laid out earlier when discussing a possible production schedule for Ant-Man.