Monday, October 14, 2013

Paul Rudd, Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Lead for Ant-Man

Variety has just posted an exclusive in which they reveal that actors Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have met with Edgar Wright and Marvel and are currently considered to be in the lead for Hank Pym with the possibility of another, unnamed actor getting a look. Read my take on the news after the jump...

This is exciting news for Comic Book Brain Splatter.  I'm on record as a huge fan of Edgar Wright and a huge believer in what an Ant-Man movie can be.  After doing some digging around recently, I speculated that, given the timeline for recent Marvel films, a casting announcement would have to be made within a month or so and this story helps support that hypothesis.  According to Variety, Rudd and Gordon-Levitt are scheduled to meet one more time with Wright and the big bosses at Marvel Studios (basically Feige) before they make a decision.

Gordon-Levitt has been reported to be on Marvel's short list before as a favorite to fill the role of Stephen Strange in the upcoming Doctor Strange film.  The role of Strange is perfect for Gordon-Levitt.  Given the rumor that they hope to make Strange the central hub of their films in Phase 3 and beyond, Gordon-Levitt is the right age to fill that role and is an excellent actor who could certainly pull off some of the weirdness and arrogance associated with Strange.  Let's hope that the second piece of news to come out of this story is that Gordon-Levitt has signed on as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Given there are two actors up for the role and the fact that I think Gordon-Levitt would own Strange, I am absolutely thrilled to find out that Paul Rudd is the other actor.  Rudd has recently played almost exclusively comic characters and has done a damn-fine job doing so; he's one of my favorite actors and I love the way he plays over the top awkward. However, Rudd is a very solid actor and may just be the man for the role.  I can easily see Rudd killing it as Pym, especially since we know the script that Wright and co-writer Joe Cornish will have both comedic and dramatic elements.  Rudd can do both and do both well.  

This does nothing but continue to elevate my level of anticipation for this film.  I'm sold on either of these two actors as Pym but I will be pulling hard for Rudd to land the part and bring his skills to the MCU.