Sunday, October 13, 2013

NYCC '13: Marvel's Superior Spider-Man & Friends Panel

Marvel used NYCC to introduce a bunch of Marvel NOW! titles over the past 2 days but they still had 5 teaser tiles that hadn't been revealed when the day started.

Those titles were announced at the Superior Spider-Man and friends panel this afternoon and include a new book for anti-hero and the return of a team that's been absent from the comics for some time.

Frank Castle will be headed to the west coast in an All-New Punisher series written by Nathan Edmondson, who will also be writing the Black Widow solo series.  Editor Jake Thomas says that Castle will be "hunting but he's also going to be hunted."  I've expected that the Punisher would be one of the new titles and am thrilled to find out it will be.  I'm hoping Edmondson will have something special in store for the series.  It's interesting he's writing both this and the Widow series; I may have to pick up both of these books.

Given the fact that no Captain Marvel books were slated for release in November or December, another safe bet for a Phase 2 book was another Captain Marvel series.  Carol Danvers will be going Cosmic when Captain Marvel #1 comes out in March, written by Carol Danvers expert, Kelly Sue Deconnick.

Zeb Wells will be writing an all-new Elektra solo title with art by Mike Del Mundo, who "is doing things I've never seen before in comics" according to editor Sana Amant. The book promises to show what Elektra gets up to when she is by herself and will reportedly take the assassin all over the world.

In one of the coolest announcements of NYCC was that the New Warriors would be coming back to the pages of Marvel comics in February or March.  Speedball, Scarlet Spider, Justice and Nova are the headliners of the team who, according to Amanat, are "being targeted.  They need to put aside their differences to stay alive."  This title is a must for me.  The New Warriors are an entirely unique group and Yost is one of Marvel's go-to writers.

This tile teases a change in things in Dan Slott's Superior Spider-Man series, which has seen Doc Ock inhabit the body of Peter Parker and become Spider-Man. 

I'm not sure that there aren't going to be more titles added to Phase 2 of Marvel NOW! as next year goes on, but this was a big weekend for them to launch some new titles and create some buzz.  Stay tuned to Comic Book Brain Splatter for more on Marvel NOW!