Saturday, October 12, 2013

NYCC '13: Marvel's Inhumanity and All-New Marvel NOW! Panel

Earlier today I mentioned that I'd be keeping track of the announcements of Marvel NOW! Phase 2 titles this afternoon from NYCC.  While the panel did announce 3 more titles, it also gave some info on Inhuman and The All-New Invaders, two titles which were announced some time ago and which I've already ordered at  Find out what the new titles are after the jump!

The first part of the panel was spent discussing the fallout of Infinity and the build up to Inhumanity.  It seems that the Marvel Universe is going to change greatly after the events of Infinity.

Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso and Infinity writer Jonathan Hickman talked about the Inhumanity book which will spread out through many other titles including Hulk and Iron Man before the Inhumans get their own title, Inhuman. Hickman, who is doing some great work for Marvel in Avengers, New Avengers and Infinity said, "We're doing this thing called Infinity, I don't know if you've been reading it...Black Bolt set off a Terrigen bomb above New York which is going to spread around the world, which will set off the events of Inhumanity."  After going on to explain that the events of Infinity and Inhumanity will ripple through out the entire Marvel Universe, Axel Alonso said, "The Inhumans predate the super hero and they predate the mutant.  They were here fist. They have a major claim to lay...there's a lot of them and they're going to be here to stay.  They predate everyone-the mutants and superheroes...and they're not all going to like each other."  The first Inhumanity book should be in stores in December and will focus on the Inhuman Royal Family.  Inhuman will release in January 2014

All-New Invaders, written by Jim Robinson with art by Steve Pugh, will also premiere in January 2014. Robinson said he loves the Golden Age heroes but wanted to set them somewhere other than in World War II so he brought them into the present set around past events that involved the Kree coming to Earth.  "The Winter Soldier, Human Torch and Namor are in a lot of trouble with the Kree Empire on Earth," said Robinson. Marvel Senior Editor Mark Paniccia added, "Very organically, a cosmic element came out of this.  The Kree have a device that can control Asgardians.  It was stopped, but flashforward to the present-we have secret treaties with the Shi'ar and the Chitauri and they discover this device exists and the key to getting it are the Winter Soldier, Namor and the Human Torch."

Marvel NOW! Phase 2 is going to give longtime Iron Man side-kick James Rhodes his own book in Iron Patriot. Paniccia also talked about the new Iron Patriot series, "There's something that happens in Secret Avengers that leads up to this. Rhodey decides to protect the home front," said Pannicia.  "He's a character that, when I look at him, I've always thought of him as that he comes across as an Iron Man duplicate and this concept makes him feel like his own guy."  Iron Patriot will launch in March.

The Ghost Rider will also return to the Marvel Universe in a brand-new series.  Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said during the panel, "This is my favorite of the All-New Marvel NOW! books."  Paniccia added, "It's a Ghost Rider like you've never seen before," while Avengers writer Jonathan Hickman, who was also on stage, said, "I didn't even know we were doing this book. I'm so excited."  I'd have to say I'm with Hickman on this one!  The more I've sat and refelected on what this book could be, the more excited I've gotten.  It's been a long time since Ghost Rider was in the mainstream and, if done well, this could lead to the reappearance of Ghost Rider on film or TV soon.  The Cage Ghost Rider films didn't do any favors for the Rider and he's in need of a reboot...this could be it!

Writer Dan Slott will be taking on the former Herald of Galactus and wielder of the Power Cosmic, Norin Radd when the Silver Surfer returns to the pages of the Marvel Universe in his own series, Silver Surfer!
Dan Slott says he's "dying to do this," in reference to writing the Silver Surfer book.  Slott is thrilled to be working on this book, which he's been teasing for a month or so now.  "This is exciting-the first comic book I ever read was the Galactus trilogy.  This (Silver Surfer) was the first comic hero I ever met.  I've been dying to do this, " said Slott.  I'm not sure what to think about this book...I love the Surfer so I'm going to have to check

Marvel isn't done announcing new titles at NYCC...stay tuned to Comic Book Brain Splatter as tomorrow afternoon during the Spider-Man panel there are sure to be more announcements.  If I'm right the following teaser tiles still haven't had matching titles revealed:

There's no promises we'll get them all this weekend but it seems there are at least 5 more Marvel NOW! Phase 2 titles yet to be revealed.  It doesn't seem that Doctor Strange, Moon Knight, Punisher or Ant-Man are in the mix and that makes me sad.  The way Banner and Richards have been written in Marvel NOW! is beautiful and I'd love to see Pym join their ranks, especially if Hickman got hold of him!  Check back tomorrow for more!