Saturday, October 12, 2013

NYCC '13: Marvel Set to Reveal Another Round of Marvel NOW Phase 2 Titles TODAY

After revealing several new titles yesterday as a part of their X-Men and Avengers panels, Marvel is set to make a splash this afternoon during their Inhumanity and All-New Marvel NOW panel.

 Marvel has spent a few weeks teasing the new titles through one-word tease tiles on their website.  With room for error, the following are the tiles that haven't had a connected title revealed:

I plan to do my best effort to be following it live and reporting out as soon as the titles are announced.  I had hoped that one of these titles might be an Iron Fist book but that seems to have been shot down yesterday.  I still wonder if Doctor Strange and Ant-Man might not get their own books but we will all know in just a few hours.