Friday, October 18, 2013

Michael B. Jordan Officially Cast as Johnny Storm...Or Will Be Soon

The Schmoes Know website have revealed, in an exclusive story, that Michael B. Jordan has officially inked a deal to portray Johnny Storm/The Human Torch in Josh Trank's reboot of The Fantastic Four.

This casting rumor has been making the rounds for quite a while and now, that the film is getting a script re-write and closing in on the start of production, it makes sense that FOX is sealing up actors for the lead.  We had some rumors a couple of weeks ago about possible leads for the roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm, but this would be the first OFFICIAL signing.  There are some reports out there that this isn't official quite yet but that it is destined to be so in the near future.

This has been a divisive issue ever since the rumors began.  I'm curious as to how Trank and new writer, Simon Kinberg, are going to handle the fact that Johnny Storm is an African-American and his sister, Sue, is white.  One of the core things about the Fantastic Four is that they are a family so, hopefully, whatever changes they do make do not involve Jordan's character no longer being Sue's brother.  I'm sure Trank and Kinberg will handle it.

I'm on record as being very vocal about the lack of minority superheroes in comic book movies, especially in the MCU.  I'm not sure, however, that the right response is to take a pre-existing character and make him a minority.  I'd much rather see Black Panther, Luke Cage and any number of other African-American superheroes get their own films as they fully deserve.  I have no idea (I know it's off-topic) why production on a Black Panther film has not moved forward given he is one of the richest characters in the Marvel stable.  Jordan is an up and comer for sure and will do a fine job in the role; I just wish he weren't in a role that is sure to generate all sorts of controversy and fanboy outrage.  

What are your thoughts?