Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Iron Man 3 Scribe Drew Pearce Swats El Mayimbe's Mandarin Scoop

Drew Pearce, who wrote the Iron Man 3 script which contained the controversial "Mandarin Twist", has used Twitter to address the rumor that Marvel was going to working on a One Shot with Sir Ben Kingsley in which they would introduce the real Mandarin.  When asked if he had seen the rumor, Pearce responded with the following tweet:

 This is either a typical denial or, more likely, Pearce has some information on what Kingsley's project is.  I'm hopeful that the earlier rumor is untrue.  I'm on record as having enjoyed Trevor Slattery and the twist on the Mandarin so I'm hopeful it's something other than having another, third guy be the Mandarin.  Guess we're in wait and see mode here!