Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FOX's Fantasitc Four Reboot Getting Rewrite

Despite having been scheduled to begin production in July and then September, FOX's Fantastic Four reboot, to be directed by Josh Trank, has yet to be set in motion.  Today, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that the script for the film is going to undergo "substantial" rewrites by Simon Kinberg who has done script work on several of FOX's X-films including First Class and Days of Future Past.

Kinberg's script will be the 5th treatment for the reboot which has yet to gain any traction despite Mark Millar's continued confidence in the film.  I'm hoping for utter catastrophe here as I feel it's in everyone's best interests for Marvel to reacquire the film rights to the Fantastic Four and all associated characters.  Hopefully Trank refuses to direct the new script and FOX runs up the white flag!!!