Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fantastic Four Reboot May Begin Production Early Next Year

Despite, or possibly in spite of, all my hopes and dreams, it appears that production on the Fantastic Four reboot, which will be directed by Chronicle's Josh Trank, is moving forward at Fox.  Having brought Simon Kinberg brought aboard to touch up the script, Fox is now prepared to start auditioning actors and actresses for the lead roles of Reed Richards and Sue Storm according to a new report from Variety, with production expected to begin sometime early in 2014

According to Variety, actors Kit Harrington (Game of Thrones), Jack O'Connell (upcoming, 300: Rise of an Empire) and Miles Teller (Willard in the Footloose remake) are the first in line to read for the role of Marvel's super-genius, Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic.  Though  none of them could possibly do a worse job of portraying Richards than Ioan Gruffudd, I'm not certain any of them are actually right for the role.  I suppose that's why they have a reading.  To be fair to Gruffudd, it was hard to provide an accurate portrayal of Richards given the characterization provided by the writers who took the smartest man in the Marvel universe and made him little more than a clumsy, absent-minded buffoon from time to time.  Harrington has similar hair to Gruffudd, so I'm sure that would make him a fine Richards.
Looks like a mugshot of a heroin junkie, but this is actually just Kit Harrington being 'sexy'

Saoirse Ronan (Hanna, and rumored to be in every movie that will be on screen in the next 13 years), Kate Mara (Shooter and Iron Man 2) and Margot Robbie (upcoming Wolf of Wall Street and the kid's show, The Elephant Princess) are up for the role of Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman.  If they can make strained faces and look pretty in tight clothing, they'll be at least on par with Jessica Alba's portrayal of Storm in the original farces.

Fox must still have dates to meet in order not to have the rights to the Fantastic Four revert back to Marvel studios so please, join with me readers, and pray that Simon Kinberg have the worst writer's block in the history of guys who have written a lot of stuff before without much problem.  There's still time to do what's best and let the FF go back to Marvel and let Reed Richards take his rightful place in the hierarchy of Marvel's geniuses...and allow Marvel to make some even better movies down the road.  Fail, Fox, fail before you give us another attack by a Cosmic fart or the bofunk of Pig-Pen!