Monday, October 14, 2013

El Mayimbe on the Prowl for Ant-Man

Yesterday I sent super-duper-Latino scooper, El Mayimbe, a tweet in regards to the rumors of Jamie Bell being cast as Ant-Man.  The original tweet and his response are below:

El Mayimbe has been throwing "bumjuice" around a lot lately.  It seems to be his thing at this point.  Given that the rumor was started on an IMDB board by a guy who didn't have the foresight to ask a couple of key follow-up questions, it wouldn't be surprising if Bell was not, in fact, cast as Ant-Man.  Apparently El Mayimbe was either already on the case or something came to his attention because today, just about 15 minutes ago, El Mayimbe tweeted the following:
He's been known to throw out teases in the past without following through so we'll keep our eyes on his Twitter feed for a bit; however, it certainly isn't outside of the realm of possibilities that he has some info on Edgar Wright's Ant-Man which is almost certainly in pre-production.  Stay tuned to Comic Book Brain Splatter for more on Ant-Man!