Sunday, October 6, 2013

Comic Book Brain Splatter Reviews Will Be Spoiler Free

As a longtime fan of comic books and comic book movies, I have been around forums and websites for years and am familiar with the divisive issue of spoilers.  I, myself, don't mind being spoiled in the least bit.  The experience of the theater and getting to visually see what I've been putting in my mind is still worth the $7 ticket.  I do, however, fully respect the wishes of those who do not enjoy having plot points spoiled for them in advance of seeing the film.  With that in mind, Comic Book Brain Splatter will review all films spoiler free so that those of you who prefer the surprise can read the opinion of another fan without having the experience spoiled for yourself.  I will certainly be in a theater watching Thor: The Dark World on November 8 and you will be able to come here that night and find out just how good the film is without having to worry about me ruining it for you!  Things that may be spoiler sensitive (stinger descriptions, Easter Eggs and important connections to the MCU) will get their own posts CLEARLY labeled so that nobody stumbles into them unawares.  Hopefully you'll appreciate the effort and make sure you turn in here for your movie reviews and other news.