Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chris Hemsworth Likes Thor, Wants ANOTHER!

Chris Hemsworth may have gained the most of any one of Marvel's choices to portray a hero in Phase 1.  Certainly the role of Tony Stark has helped revitalize Robert Downey, Jr.'s career, but Hemsworth is now a household name and has enjoyed the perks of being one.  He landed the lead role in Rush and, according to fans and critics, gave a great performance.  The good news, for fans of Marvel Studio's films, is that Hemsworth, who spoke about his future with the company in an interview with Access Hollywood, embedded below, would LOVE to continue on in his role as Thor.

Hemsworth told Access Hollywood:

"I've got three left in my contract-from here on, I have two more Avengers and one more Thor and if people wanted to see more, I'd be happy to keep going. I love these stories and I love this character. The opportunity opened up everything for me."
This is good news, but honestly it's the kind of thing you'd expect someone locked into a contract with a studio to say.  This is the first time I've heard that Hemsworth is locked in to the Avengers sequels and a third Thor film; in the past I know there had been some cause for concern that they'd have a hard time locking him up.  I'm not greedy and happy just to have Hemsworth on board to finish up 3 Thor and 3 Avengers films and maintain continuity.  If they don't do a Surtur/Ragnarok story in the third Thor film, I'll be confused but it will make me want to watch a 4th or 5th or however many they make. After 3 Avengers films, Marvel may have time to move away from them for a while and focus on some other options...we'll see.  

What are your thoughts on Hemsworth as Thor?  Would you be open for more Thor films?