Saturday, October 26, 2013

Actress Samira Wiley on Potentially Playing 'Sue Storm' in Fantastic Four Reboot

Director Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot for Fox has begun to make some more headlines lately as it's ramping up for production. Writer Simon Kinberg, who has done quite a bit of work in the past for Fox (X-Films), is doing some script rewrites and casting rumors, including one rumor that's had a relatively long shelf-life resurfaced concerning actor Michael B. Jordan taking on the role of Johnny Storm in the film, are popping up here and there.  Given the fact that Jordan is an African-American actor, that rumor has caused some buzz in fanboy circles. A newer casting rumor finds Samira Wiley (Orange is the New Black), also African-American, in the mix to play Johnny's sister, Sue Storm.

Latino-Review caught up with the actress recently to talk about the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black and asked her thoughts on her potential involvement with the Fantastic Four reboot.

When asked about the recent rumors that have her being considered for the role, Wiley responded, "...Just having my name be there and the possibility of that would be amazing..."  Wiley went on to mention that she has not, as of yet, auditioned for the role which is not surprising since it's likely the studio is not quite at that point at this time.

  I've been very vocal in calling for the studios, especially Marvel, to get some of their properties with minority characters on screen.  The Black Panther is one of their deepest and richest characters and I struggle to believe they can't find a good script and there are PLENTY of actors out there that would be great as T'Challa.  I full believe that a Luke Cage film starring Dwayne Johnson would make all sorts of cash for the studio.  I'm not sure that the best way to get African-American heroes on the screen is to alter existing characters.  While it certainly doesn't matter to me and it doesn't change a thing about their back story or what they do on screen, it seems to be causing a lot of controversy around a film that some people, including myself, would rather never see made in the first place (I want Fox to fail with their FF efforts and allow the rights to revert to Marvel; I love Reed Richards and long to see him in the MCU). 

What are your thoughts on Wiley?  I've never seen Orange is the New Black; I remember her from The Sitter in which I thought she was awesome.  What are your thoughts on the FF reboot in general?