Monday, September 9, 2013

Will One of These Two Be CW's Flash?

Super-duper-Latino-scooper El Mayimbe came through with his promised DC scoop last night and it gave us some insight into whom the CW is considering for the role of Barry Allen/The Flash, who will be introduced in this season of Arrow before moving on to his own show.

It was revealed last week by Andrew Kreisberg, the executive producer of Arrow, that they needed their Barry Allen ready for filming by September 30 and that a lot of dudes have been in to read for the part.  El Mayimbe's story says that after paring down the contenders, 3 guys are left under consideration with one of them not yet known to Latino-Review.

The two he names he does give are:

1. Matt Barr

Barr is best known, apparently, for his work on The History Channel's Hatfields & McCoys but has also worked for the CW before as a regular on the one season of Hellcats.  Going to be honest with you and say I've never seen an episode of either of those shows; however, this guy looks like what I think of when I think of Barry Allen.

2.  James Mackay

Mackay is, so far, best known for no much.  A quick check of IMDB shows he was in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark as the central-to-the-plot-character, "Librarian."  This guy looks nothing like what I think of when I think of Barry Allen.

So, clearly, James Barr it is!  El Mayimbe says he will work on the name of the third contender and update us all when he has it so stay tuned and I'll pass it on as soon as he does.