Sunday, September 15, 2013

What's New; What's Next: Week By Week Look at Marvel Comics

The past week of Marvel comics saw  Infinity tie-in including the first issue of The Mighty Avengers, Captain America's return from Dimension Z, a new Indestructible Hulk (best book out there?).
As you go if any of these titles catch you eye, click on their names and you'll be whisked away to Amazon where you can pick them up on the cheap!

What's New:

Indestructible Hulk #13

The Hulk as an Agent of T.I.M.E. arc continues and this issue sees Hulk in Camelot.  This book, like Thor: God of Thunder, has yet to disappoint me and I look forward to seeing this Banner/Hulk in the MCU.

Avengers #19

The focus here is on the group of heroes led by Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers and their interrogation by the builders.  Avengers has had a few iffy issues but the tie-ins to Infinity are not among them.  Solid issue from a very solid book that promises to see some changes after the events of Infinity.

Mighty Avengers #1

Yes, yes, yes.  The return of Luke Cage...that's all you had to say for me to want to check out this book.  Basically Cage leads a squad of heroes on to protect the Earth from Thanos and his forces while the A-list Avengers are off on their Cosmic jaunt.  This is more about giving some other heroes a chance to get back into people's minds than anything and I think it is a great idea.  Looking forward to more of this title and more Cage.  Can't get enough!


Captain America #11 NOW 2013 *Marvel Comics*

Rick Remender bring Cap back from Dimension Z and, honestly, back to being interesting. This is probably the best book in this series so far.  While Cap is out of Dimension Z he has not escaped the events of it.  I am thrilled to see this title take a turn for the better and it starts with this issue.

What's Next:


With this we are halfway through what I believe to be Marvel's most ambitious crossover event yet.  This book is out 9/18.

Next week will also give us Thor: God of Thunder #13, which sees the return of Malekith to the pages of the comics just in time for his big screen debut, New Avengers #10 (an Infinity tie-in), a few X-books continuing the Battle of the Atom, a new Captain Marvel and Daredevil #31 featuring the return of The Jester...