Sunday, September 8, 2013

What's New; What's Next: Week By Week Look at Marvel Comics

The past week of Marvel comics saw the second issue of Infinity and the first issue of the big X-Men event that combines 3 different time streams.  How were those books and what does next week have in store (Hint: lots).

What's New:

Infinity #2
So quite simply, Infinity may be the biggest event Marvel has ever coordinated.  While reading the tie-in issues is not essential, it does help, but even without you can see that the whole of the Marvel universe is involved in Infinity and it is awesome.  Good news is that it isn't over yet and there's a whole lot more to come when it is.

X-Men Battle of the Atom #1
Battle of the Atom promises to make sense of the current past, present and future quaqmire going on in the various X-books.  I'll tell you this: people are digging book 1 and Cyclops is on his way back to being where he belongs!

What's Next:

Mighty Avengers #1
With The Avengers off-planet and Thanos en route, who will defend the earth?  The Mighty Avengers, led by Luke Cage.  When I saw this title was upcoming I ordered RIGHT AWAY.  Marvel is on fire with their Avengers titles.  I expect this one will keep their record intact.

Captain America #11 NOW 2013 *Marvel Comics*
Captain America returns from his 12 year vacation to Dimension Z.  I'm hopeful that this book takes a turn for the best, beginning with this issue.

Also coming out this week: Fantastic Four #12, Indestructible Hulk #13, and, Infinity Tie-in, Avengers #19.