Sunday, September 22, 2013

What's New on DVD and Blu, Episode 5, The Blu-Ray Strikes Back

This is a big week for Marvel fans who love adding physical copies to their library as Iron Man 3 finally hits stores.  I'm transitioning to a digital library myself so I've had my copy since September 3 but I'm excited to see how the disc sells and how people's perceptions of the film may change upon multiple viewings because mine certainly has.

Remember if you fancy any of these films, click on the titles and you'll be whisked away to where you can pick them up!

What's New (September 24)

Iron Man 3 (Three-Disc Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD + Digital Copy)

Despite getting heavily slammed by a large portion of fanboys for handling of The Mandarin differently, Shane Black's contribution to the MCU is actually quite a fun film.  I'm not saying it's the best of all Marvel's offerings, but it is certainly a very enjoyable movie and can be a lot of fun if you watch it with your eyes open.  It has some important themes and takes a nice first step towards setting up Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Watch all 3 Iron Man films and pay attention to the evolution of J.A.R.V.I.S...I recently did and came away feeling there may be something to all the rumors surrounding his role in the Avenger sequel.  Forget what you heard: give it a chance with your mind free of all the negativity and see what you think!
 It's also available RIGHT NOW on Amazon Instant Video here: Iron Man 3 (plus bonus features) [HD]

V/H/S/2 [DVD+Blu-ray+VHS Tape]

This is a follow-up to the unexpected hit V/H/S.  It's got a cute little gimmick as it actually comes with a VHS tape!  This anthology-style film is reportedly a step-up from its predecessor which really caused quite a buzz when it was first seen.  Haven't seen this yet but I absolutely will and am curious if the hype around it is legitimate.

Hannibal [Blu-ray]

This NBC show certainly pushed the limits of what can be done of network TV.  I thought this was a great series and, despite knowing how all this ends, I kept tuning back in.  Mads Mikkelsen is not Anthony Hopkins, not even kind of, and it turns out that's ok...better than ok as he brings so much to the character that we couldn't have expected based on our previous Hannibal exposure.  Season One is about the collapse of Will Graham and it is done brilliantly.  Week by week we see the protagonist crumble as part of a brilliant scheme.  I'm very interested to see where the show runners take Season Two!!

Redemption [Blu-ray]

I haven't caught this flick yet and I haven't read a single review but let me tell you about it: Jason Statham will say witty things, take off his shirt, beat the hell out of some people, find a pretty girl, shoot some people, say some witty things and then beat the hell out of/shoot the bad guy whilst saying something witty and not wearing his shirt.

Next week (October 1) sees the release of The Croods and This is the End on DVD/Blu...I will be back to give you all you need to know about Dreamwork's latest release and hopefully a little bit on a great comedy in This is the End.