Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Flash Talks About The Flash

We knew that Barry Allen would be introduced into the current DC show Arrow this season and recently we found out that Grant Gustin was cast in the role of The Fastest Man Alive.  Recently, in an interview with E! Online, Gustin shed some light on just what we can expect to see out of Barry Allen this season.

While we've known that the plan was for Barry Allen to appear in 3 episodes, we weren't too sure when The Flash would show.  Accoridng to Gustin, he will only portray Allen in the first two episodes before returning as The Flash in the final episode which will, reportedly, lead into The Flash series.  Gustin also teases that, when we see The Flash, we'll all recognize the Scarlet Speedster as he has been hearing that they plan to deck The Flash out in his traditional costume.

I'll be tuned in to Season 2 of Arrow, beginning October 9 on the CW.