Sunday, September 8, 2013

FALSE Rumor: Star Wars Episode VII Subtitle?

I saw this earlier today on Twitter and sat on it because I figured it was just a bit of guess work but now I see other sites running it and I feel like an idiot! Anyway, rumor has it (and I love rumors!)that Episode VII is set to be subtitled...A New Dawn. If it sounds familiar that would be because Episode IV is subtitled A New Hope.

 The good folks over at /Film are running the rumor and also include another tasty tidbit: the Millenium Falcon will be making its return to Star Wars as well!!!  You've never heard of the Millenium Falcon??

Interesting speculation to be sure.  I like the parallels to Episode VII and I assume that the subtitle references a New Dawn for the Jedi order, who were all but extinct following the events of the first 6 episodes.  As far as we know Luke Skywalker would be the only Jedi left (I'm talking film canon) but we also know that Leia's children will have some midi-chlorians running around their veins and might be the start of the new Jedi order!

Star Wars news is going to be coming fast and furious so keep your eyes peeled.

 A Lucasfilm spokesman has pointed out that this is a rumor that surfaced over a year ago and is, apparently, just rubbish.  So, good news, we still have the reveal of the new subtitle ahead of us!!!