Monday, September 2, 2013

Rumor: Sherlock Khan to be a Sith Lord

We've known that Lucasfilm has been sitting on a big announcement for over a week now and today the rumor mill continues to swirl around the unannounced announcement. Some joint called Film Chronicles is claiming that Benedict Cumberbatch is a good bet to be the villain of Star Wars Episode VII.  There's a lot of big jumps to take to get to the point where one can legitimately connect the dots but that's what rumors and fan speculation is.

Cumberbatch is a solid actor and did a wonderful job in Star Trek Into Darkness as Khan.  I would buy him as a shady, Sith Lord but I'd also feel like J.J. Abrams, who unfairly gets to have the keys to both of the biggest sci-fi kingdoms ever, would be attacked for bring Cumberbatch into Star Wars after using him in Star Trek.  Production on Epidsode VII has reportedly been pushed back and it's looking like a Christmas 2015 release but things will definitely kick into gear very soon and we will likely be getting a lot of news in the next two months.  Sign up for the Brain Splatter mailing list to make sure you won't miss a bit of the news!