Thursday, September 5, 2013

Rumor: Potential Star Wars Cast Members Have Read for Roles is not a site I've long been familiar with but they did manage to get the original goods on Palpatine returning for the new films before Latino Review added their own details so when I read this today I figured I'd get it out there and get it some run.

 According to these guys Spartacus handsome-pants Liam McIntyre has read for the part of an unnamed Jedi in Episode VII.  This one I could easily see having been a fancast as McIntyre has gained quite a following since taking over as Spartacus and threw his own name into the Batman hat before Ben Affleck took the role.  So, I was happy to see the next bit. also reported that Ksenia Solo, a very unknown-to-most actress has read for the role of the daughter of Han and Leia Solo.  Watch as I ignore the irony that every other site is commenting on........ok.  She's pretty :)

As I mentioned the other day things need to come together pretty quickly here for Episode VII if it's going to make the Christmas 2015 release date. Rumors are flying about casting and readings of the script so you know that there has been some movement and I'd expect we'd know a whole lot more within the next 30-45 days.  Stay tuned friends, especially for rumors because I LOVE RUMORS!!!!