Wednesday, September 11, 2013

RUMOR: Ant-Man Close to being Cast?

My homies at the official Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook page have posted an exclusive, of sorts, claiming that Marvel Studios and director Edgar Wright, are pursuing old Obi-Wan for some damn fool idealistic crusade known as Ant-Man.  They want Ewan McGregor as the lead for the 2015 release!

Now, I love the idea of Ewan in any role, much less a Marvel Studio's film but this has been circulating for at least 3 years so I'm breathing deeply in and out until some confirmation comes around which, one way or the other, will be soon as Ant-Man is scheduled to start pre-production next month.  Stay tuned here friends...this could be great, if true!

UPDATE: I've added this fan-made picture below that is one possible source of the current "exclusive" rumor.  Another possible source, of course, is that maybe he is being considered.  Covering all the bases here.