Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ms. Marvel Coming Sooner Than We Think!!!

Now I know the other day I made a funny about some non-news regarding Ms. Marvel but let me say this right up front: I absolutely, more than most people, want Ms. Marvel in the MCU and want her in her own film. I love her story, the character is rich and can carry her own film and she ties into the Kree and further adventures into Cosmic side of Marvel, which I touched on here. Marvel has certainly sent out mixed signals concerning Carol Danvers.  Joss Whedon, MCU Godfather, doesn't seem to think her vast array of powers makes her a very simple addition to the MCU; however, back in May, The Hollywood Reporter published an article that mentioned Marvel had a complete script they like, which came from a in-house concept generating writing program, for a Ms. Marvel movie.  Now, whether they call her Ms. Marvel, as she was originally, or Captain Marvel, as she is now called, probably depends on if they're going to bring Mar-vell into the MCU but that's another post!

Fast forward to the past week.  Louis D'Esposito, Co-President of Marvel, has made some comments that would lead you to believe that, despite Whedon's opinion, Ms. Marvel may very well be the first female superhero given her own film.  In an interview this week with IGN, D'Esposito said Danvers is "A very strong female character that would be great to do. I love it."  Combine that with Katee Sackhoff's revelation that Marvel Studios have spoken with her about her schedule in the beginning of 2014 before doing some hardcore back pedaling.  Now, they won't be filming Ms. Marvel next year...they'll be too busy filming Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Is it crazy to think that a non-powered Carol Danvers makes an appearance as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D?  Nope...doesn't have to be any bigger than the role Maria Hill played in the original Avengers.  Just get Carol in the MCU and let things develop.

And, just for fun, tie in the tweet from super-duper-Latino scooper El Mayimbe and it really starts to seem that Marvel may be headed in this direction.  If that's the case then I am absolutely thrilled.  Carol Danvers story could, in some ways, be paralleled to Hal Jordan's (Green Lantern, before you ask) and could give Marvel a chance to do something well that DC was only able to butcher.  I don't know that Marvel Studio's guys sit around and talk about that kind of thing, but maybe?

A female-centric movie will happen at Marvel.  Agent Carter was a sweet One-Shot, the best so far, and maybe a little test to see how audiences receive a female protagonist. It's just a matter of when, not if, and maybe that when is a lot closer than I thought.  Maybe one of the 3 unfilled slots of Phase 3 is going to belong to Carol Danvers!!