Saturday, September 14, 2013

Jerry Bruckheimer Resurrecting the 80s and 90s

When word came earlier this week that the 5th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise was being delayed a year over financial concerns stemming from an incomplete script, I did not realize that it would matter in my world.  The Pirates movies have been worse and worse and 2015 was going to be a busy year for me in theaters anyway.  I was not going to miss the pile of garbage that Pirates 5 is destined to be.  However, things aren't always as they seem!!  Jerry Bruckheimer, the dude who keeps squeezing these piles out and raking in cash as a result, now has a hole in his schedule and, it seems, he's going to fill it by helping Paramount develop sequels to 3 notable films/franchises: Beverly Hills Cop, Bad Boys and Top Gun.

Variety tells us that Paramount is very serious about bringing Axel Foley back to theaters in Beverly Hills Cop 4.  Eddie Murphy has been trying to resurrect the classic franchise for some time now that he has moved through is mid-life crisis and, seemingly, is done making kid movies.  Seeing Murphy back as Foley would be absolutely awesome.  The BHC movies are quotable and all 80s movies...and it would be a worthwhile experiment to see how Murphy's return to adult humor will go.  Bruckheimer was part of the team the brought the first two BHC films to us and seems ready to rock on #4.

Apparently, undeterred by the train wreck that his last few movies have been, Paramount also wants Jerry to do some work bringing Bad Boys back to the screen and putting together the long-rumored Top Gun sequel.  I'm certainly curious to see how far all this goes as I'd be in theaters for all 3 of these films.  Hopefully Bruckheimer gets some juju back and puts together some solid films and helps us 80s kids relive our childhood full or R-rated movies we should never have been watching.