Friday, September 13, 2013

Grant "Glee" Gustin IS The Flash

Earlier this week we said we knew we'd be getting some Flash casting sooner than later. It arrived today in the form of Glee star Grant Gustin.  The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Gustin has signed on for the dual-role of Barry Allen/The Flash and will appear in 3 episodes of Season 2 of Arrow, the last of which will be be seen from the POV of Barry Allen and, hopefully, spark the interest of the CW audience and produce the eventual Flash spin-off series.
So, yeah, NBD, I'm like the Flash, yeah...

I cannot pretend not to be excited about the potential re-introduction of the Flash into the mainstream.  Despite his rogues just being an egregious insult to bad-dudes everywhere, the Flash is just straight money.  He's so money he doesn't even know it.  I want so badly for this to work as I truly believe it could make for a lovely procedural. In one of my first Brain Splatters I talked about the potential for the Flash as CSI/Superhero hybrid and I hope the CW doesn't soap it up like they are prone to do.  I will tune in for Season 2 of Arrow and be very interested with what it is they do with Barry Allen.  Hopefully this spawns an awesome Flash series!