Monday, September 9, 2013

Glee's Grant Gustin Also a Flash Contender

As I mentioned earlier today, a third contender for the role of the Flash on the CW would be found out at some point...and now it has been.  Latino-Review reports that Grant Gustin, of Glee and 90210 infamy, has also read for the part and, it is believed, is one of three finalists to play Barry Allen when he makes his debut on this season of Arrow.

I have no clue about this dude's abilities as an actor but he doesn't scream Barry Allen to me nearly as much as Matt Barr.  At this point, just judging books by their covers, I'm down with James Gustin-Barr to play the Scarlet Speedster for CW.  We'll know soon enough as they start filming the Flash debut episode September 30 but in the meantime, who do you guys feel is the Flash?