Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fox's Sleepy Hollow: 1 Part Fringe, 1 Part Sherlock, 1 Part X-Files, 1 Part Lost=I'm Going to Watch Episode 2

It's just one episode in but the best I can tell you is that after viewing the first episode of Fox's new supernatural series, Sleepy Hollow, I enjoyed it thoroughly and will absolutely check back in next week. The show feels familiar, probably in part to to Orci-Kurtzman connection, but seems to promise something a little different down the road based on the discovery by Lieutenant Abigail Mills in the last half of the show. Really, by the end of the show, we know next to nothing about the supernatural elements of the show but we are certainly meant to be intrigued by them and the unspoken promise that they will be revealed as the show continues. We are given some rudimentary explanations about how Crane can survive in a cave for 250 years and how the Headless Horseman has survived decapitation but it's clear that there's a whole lot more witchcraft and biblical magic in store. While Ichabod Crane, played by Tom Mison, makes a solid first impression (mostly by doing a solid Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock impression) the rest of the cast, except for my man John Cho, is forgettable...well except for Katrina Crane, played by Katia Winter, but that's a different story. It's a goofy show with a completely ridiculous premise but I am going to watch it until I figure out how the Hessian can see people without a head or until it gets old. I'd suggest you check it out if you ever liked any of the shows I mentioned in the title or if you ever wondered what the Headless Horseman would do with a semi-automatic weapon.