Sunday, September 15, 2013

UPDATE: Fanstastic Four Reboot Set to Start Production Soon...???

After originally being scheduled to begin filming in July, Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot was rescheduled to begin production in Louisiana this month. Interestingly enough, the month is half over and there has been no mention of the start of production nor mention of a cast for the reboot despite a few rumors that flew a while back. I sent Trank a tweet today asking him if production was still scheduled to begin and I highly doubt he'll respond for two reasons: it's me and he hardly ever tweets.

 So, why am I writing this? It's about time to at least think about asking if the Fantastic Four reboot has hit some sort of roadblock and is in danger of not getting off the ground and that is important because there is no Marvel property I want returned to Marvel Studios more than the Fantastic Four. Reed Richards is one of the greatest characters in the stable and the Fantastic Four are the original Marvel family and the first comic book printed under Marvel's own company. They belong at Marvel and their return would allow for so many of the great Marvel arcs to be told without altering them as much.

 Simply put, I want the reboot to fail so Marvel gets their characters back. I know there is some sort of drop-dead date for Fox to get this film done much as their was for Daredevil, whose rights reverted back to Marvel last October. I have no idea when that date is but I hope it's soon and I hope Fox is unable to fulfill their agreement, again, with Marvel. Stay tuned as I will keep you updated on this whenever I get an answer from Josh Trank or from somewhere else!

UPDATE: 9/29/13
Neither Mark Millar nor Josh Trank responded to texts but my man Knight Gambit over at Superhero Movie News did some digging around and found an interesting post on Box Office Forums in which a user (code name: Walt Disney) suggested that FOX has until "Fall 2014" to begin filming the Fantastic Four reboot.  To be honest the whole thing sounds like a bunch of bs, but just in case the guy turns out to be accurate there's no harm in alerting you to it while reminding you to take it with liberal amounts of salt.

Knight Gambit seems to think that if the FF rights did revert back to Marvel that it would still be a long time before we saw Reed Richards on the screen in a Marvel Studios 2018.  While we know that Feige has things planned out beyond that, I suggest that the return of Reed and the FF may be a game-changer for Marvel and that Feige may happily put his plans aside to get them incorporated into the MCU.  Hopefully we get to find out!