Thursday, September 5, 2013

Ermahgerd: Island of Dr. Moreau Remake Bout Ta Happen???

H.G. Wells' The Island of Dr. Moreau is an awesome read.  I gave it to my high school juniors to readyfor a few years in the early 2000s and most kids got the idea that playing God came with it's risks.  The 1996 film, which starred Val Kilmer and an old, swollen Marlon Brando as Dr. Moreau, is easily one of the strangest films I've ever seen...and I've watched A Clockwork Orange and 12 Monkeys.  It's strange in a completely different way and I loved it.  Ron Perlman was in it and I was also going through a Fairuza Balk stage which I can no longer explain.  At any rate, Deadline is telling us that Leo DiCaprio and his buddies are throwing some money at Warner Bros. to "reimagine" the story.  I'm going to be in the theaters either way this one rolls.

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