Sunday, September 22, 2013

ABC's Once Upon a Time Premieres in One Week; Spinoff Series October 10

Once Upon a Time is one of the shows that I can't stop watching.  It's frustrating and slow-developing but it caught my eye early on and I've been tuning in since.  I thought last season got a little weird and I think they try way too hard at times to make connections and alter the stories we know, but I still enjoy it and Mr. Gold is one of the cooler characters out there.  The last episode was one of the better ones of Season 2; the finale left the core group in a bind and headed to Neverland to sort things out and that seems to be right where we will pick up.  The Season 3 trailer is embedded below:

Now, something I did not know until just this morning is that ABC is using the success of the show to launch a spinoff series entitled, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  This series picks up with Alice grown up and in a mental facility and, apparently about to be lobotomized before being busted out.  This series looks as if it will follow the same pattern of changing everything up just like the original Once Upon a Time series as it mixes in a genie in a bottle among other things.  I will have to give this one a shot as well and hope it goes well!  The trailer is embedded below.