Sunday, August 25, 2013

Whofleck Co-Writing Superman Vs. Batman?

According to Indiewire, which is a mostly reliable source in my experience, a Ben Affleck, who was recently named as the new Batman, will help create the script for the currently untitled follow up to financial success that was Man of Steel.

So totally IMO: Affleck is an absolutely amazing and talented guy.  His directorial work has been nearly flawless and his creativity is not in question.  He is an avowed comic book guy and will be an amazing anchor to DC/WB's cinematic universe.  He will work with David Goyer, who wrote Man of Steel's screenplay, to bring Bruce Wayne/Batman into the DCCU.  Opinion only to follow: I certainly hope that, with this incarnation of Batman, we see a bit more of "The World's Greatest Detective" than we have in the past.

I'm down with Affleck as the Bat and actually pumped that he's going to contribute to the screenplay because I truly believe he can do great things behind the scenes!]