Saturday, August 31, 2013

What's New; What's Next: Week by Week Look at Marvel Comics

The past week (August 25-31) in Marvel comics saw the continuation of the Infinity crossover event in a couple of my favorite books, the conclusion of one story arc for a legendary Marvel icon and the beginning of a new arc for another.

  What's New:

Thanos Rising #5
 The last of a 5-issued limited series that gave us all the essential background of the Mad Titan before he is unleashed on Earth in Infinity. This has really been a great and informative series. I'd recommend picking them up if you haven't; you'll learn some great and disturbing things about Thanos. New Avengers #9 The New Avengers is a great book because it is including some characters whose individual books maybe don't see well but are major players (Namor, T'Challa, Strange). Issue 9 is an absolutely awesome issue and is a part of the Infinity event. Jonathan Hickman keeps his track record intact with another GREAT contribution. Guy is creating some serious heat for himself of late.

 Captain America #10

 The conclusion to the Dimension Z story (Captain America, Vol. 1: Castaway in Dimension Z, Book 1) and it couldn't have come soon enough!!! Issue #9 and #10, however, will put Cap into some deep, dark places going forward. I am very curious to see where this book goes in the future now that Rogers is back from his 12-year hiatus to the Zola-verse.

 Uncanny X-Men #11  

I know a lot of people feel this book is losing steam despite Bendis on board. This issue isn't great but it does do some cool things to set up the big Battle of the Atom story line which will involve more time travel anI'd bring past, present and future X-Men all to one place.

 Uncanny Avengers #11

 The Uncanny Avengers is a solid book and you can see that, down the line, there are going to continue to be some huge issues that stem from the events that have been going on. The zombie crew of the Horsemen of Apocalypse is pretty sweet and Sentry is BAMF. Rick Remender is writing this and I enjoy this work much more than his work on Cap. He's given a lot of characters to play with and does a wonderful job taking the time to give each of them something relevant to do. I think the future of this book is bright!

 Thor God of Thunder #12

 Issue #11 concluded the Godbomb story which was brilliant. This issue sees Thor return to his own time, to his own Asgard and, of course, his beloved Midgard following the crazy time travel that brought 3 Thors together. This series has not had one even average book yet: nothing but stellar work here and while this issue is not full of battle it is excellent and foreboding of some big challenges ahead for the god of thunder.

 Captain Marvel #15

 Another Infinity tie-in issue. This series still retains some potential and I like Carol having her own series. Hopefully things carry on well for Captain Marvel following Infinity.

What's Next:

Two big headliners for the following week:

X-Men Battle of the Atom #1

Infinity #2

Others I'll be reading are Iron Man #15 and All-New X-Men #16,