Saturday, August 24, 2013

What's New; What's Next: Week by Week Look at Marvel Comics

My first effort to help get you guys reading some of the really great Marvel Now titles available.

 What's New?

I took it back two weeks due to never having done this before AND the fact that some of these books are can't miss and some are nice points to enter into Marvel Now if you haven't yet.

Infinity #1
The first issue of Marvel's big summer cross-over event, Infinity #1 brings Thanos back into the fold and he's got Earth in his sights...again.

Thor God of Thunder #11

Thor: God of Thunder is one of Marvel Now's best books and #11 is the conclusion to the very strange, very cool Godbomb story.  Thor has consistently been the best book Marvel has put out in this new initiative.  Time travel.  Multiple Thors.  Not a bad issue yet.

Uncanny X-Men #10
This iteration of the classic X-Men story as become full of twists and turns and, for the first time in a while, a lot of new characters added to the mix.  If you love X-Men, this is a good book to pick up; you'll be surprised where things are if it has been a while since you read!

Indestructible Hulk #12
Mark Waid's writing of this Hulk book has been revelatory.  This is an entirely new look at Banner and the Jade Giant.  While there's plenty of smashing, this book become Banner-centric in some very positive and awesome ways.  Waid's doing work on his Marvel Now books between this and Daredevil.

Avengers #18
 The Avengers have gone extra-terrestrial in their search to expand their roster and tackle new threats but have left a void on Earth and that's a bad time with the Infinity event underway.  Earth's Mightiest Heroes aren't on Earth and Thanos is on his way.  This new Avengers book has been sci-fi heavy and that's been great.

Daredevil #30
Another Mark Waid title; another gem.  This look at Daredevil/Matt Murdoch has really but him in a new light, much like Banner.  The artwork in this book is awesome as well.  This is The Man Without Fear given new life.  This book makes me believe a Daredevil TV series is not only viable, but a must have.  And #30 has the Silver Surfer in the mix!!!

What's Next?
These titles will be what I'm reading when they come available over the course of the next week!

Thanos Rising #5

The conclusion to this limited series that takes us behind the Mad Titan and gives us a glimpse at to what could cause someone to become obsessed with Death!


New Avengers #9, Captain America #10, Uncanny X-Men #11, Uncanny Avengers #11, FF #11, Thor: God of Thunder #12 and Captain Marvel #15.

Check back next weekend for a review of those books!