Monday, August 12, 2013

UPDATE: Deadline Confirms Vin Diesel in Negotiations to Voice Groot

Vin Diesel continued to tease Marvel fans today. The action star put a photo of Groot, one of the Guardians if the Galaxy on his Facebook page just a short time ago.
This photo was made Diesel's cover photo just about 2 hours ago

While we certainly cannot take this as official confirmation, it does seem to end speculation as to what role Diesel met with Marvel about last month.

Groot will be an entirely CG character so the role will require Diesel only to lend his voice and, possibly, to only say, "I am Groot." This could be the easiest payday in the successful career of the Riddick and Fast and Furious franchises.

Update: Head to this link to read Deadline's story about Diesel engaging in negotiations: