Sunday, August 18, 2013

Samuel L. Jackson Talks The Winter Sodier, Other Nerdiness

In today's USA Today, Hollywood icon and comic book fan Samuel L. Jackson laid out some information about the upcoming Captain America sequel and about working as part of the MCU

Without giving too much away, the man behind the eye patch discusses working with Robert Redford, who Jackson reveals is a part of the World Security Council we saw in Avengers, working with Joss Whedon and reveals some details about Fury's relationships with other characters in the film.

The relationship with Redford promises to be one of interest.  The Winter Soldier is described as being a political thriller and, in the article, Jackson reveals he is doing some desk work in this film and working under Redford's character, Alexander Pierce.  The character of Pierce was pulled from the pages of the comics, however, the comic version is much younger and fills a different role, working alongside Fury battling Hydra.  Marvel has shown no concern in altering roles and stories to fit their MCU and, it seems, this will be another case.  In an interview with the Straits Life Times, published on May 8, 2013, Redford revealed that he will be a villain in this film, sparking speculation that Pierce is just an alias perhaps for Aleksander Lukin, the Russian general who utilizes The Winter Soldier for his ends and who just so happens, at one point, to have his body inhabited by the mind of The Red Skull.

The interview goes on to discuss more about the sequel and other Marvel bits.  Head to USA Today to read it all in their Sunday Geekersation column.