Wednesday, August 14, 2013

RUMOR: Emperor Palpatine Will Return for Star Wars: Episode VII

The only big nerd news of note today was dropped by Latino Review, indicating that Emperor Palpatine, the evil behind all the evil in the Star Wars saga, will be a part of the new trilogy.

The story, sure to give hardcore Star Wars Expanded Universe fans conniptions, states that we will not see the EU Palpatine clone plot but, instead, will see Palpatine in spirit form in the same way Yoda and the boys were able to stay involved post mortem.  Latino-Review's source adds that Palpatine must not have been so certain that Vader was being a faithful servant; Palpatine went out and got him a little piece on the side: another apprentice to turn to the Dark Side!!

Despite several indications in the past that the new films would NOT follow the EU stories many fanboys and fangirls were hopeful that talk was just more good old fashioned denial.  If this scoop proves true, it seems that JJ Abrams and the rest of the folks at Disney-Marvel-Lucasfilm-ESPN are going to do something quasi-original.

Just a guess here but, given Palpatine's hideous track record with apprentices, this guy will be dismembered, probably several times, and then die an awful death at the hands of a Skywalker/Solo hybird?  Either way this is good news as Ian McDiarmid's portrayal of Palpatine is something to look forward to.  The other good news here is that these new movies can only increase the Star Wars stock and maybe, for people of my generation, give a new hope to a floundering franchise that so many of us had such high hopes for when our imaginations could run wild as children.  Think about it for a minute and tell me in the comment section: when you first imagined Episodes 7-9, what did you have in mind?