Sunday, August 4, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy Meet and Greet: Ronan the Accuser

My Guardians of the Galaxy write ups were met with mostly positive comments despite me making an error or two. As a follow up to those I am going to introduce a few of the characters who will also be debuting August 1, 2014 when James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy comes to theaters.

First up is one of the most powerful and feared beings in the cosmos: Ronan the Accuser.  Ronan is a member of the Kree, an alien species with deep and ancient roots in the history of Marvel comics.  Inititally a foe of the Fantastic Four, Ronan soon became woven throughout many arcs including The Kree-Skrull War, Annihilation and Annihilation: Conquest and, through these stories began to shed the role of villain, becoming, at times, heroic and an ally to many other heroes.

The Kree are an advanced and militaristic  society similar, in some ways, to the Ancient Roman Empire. Ronan is, initially, a member of the Accuser Corps (think Judge Dredd). 

Ronan ascends through the hierarchy of Kree society quickly, even attempting a coup against  the leader, an entity called The Supreme Intelligence (a big brain in an even bigger jar).  Prior to the events of Annihilation, Ronan is falsely accused of treason against the Kree Empire and is forced to live apart from his home but bent on revenge.  Ronan solves the mystery surrounding his false accusation, helps save the Kree from the Annihilation Wave and, eventually, becomes head of the Kree empire following the death well mercy killing really) of the Supreme Intelligence.
Bad Intelligence!!

Ronan wields one of the most BA weapons in the universe: the Universal Weapon (it's that big hammer he has in the picture at the top).  The Universal Weapon is capable of doing just about anything the person using it wants it to do including, but not limited to, teleportation and the complete disintegration of a being at the molecular level.  Ronan can more than hold is own in a fight, as most Kree warriors can, and is extraordinarily intelligent, perspicacious, and driven by an immense internal moral code to do what is right according to the law of the Kree.

Ronan will be portrayed on screen by Lee Pace who has been seen on screen in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and, apparently, in some of the Twilight movies.  It'll be interesting to see just exactly how the character of Ronan develops as Pace explained he will be an "admiral" of Thanos and tasked, alongside fellow Kree Korath the Pursuer and space-pirate Nebula, with hunting down the Guardians. Certainly Ronan's ideals may not line up with those of Thanos and we may see some hints to the more heroic side of Ronan at some point towards the end of the film. 
That's a little bit of info about up, Taneleer Tivan, The Collector.