Sunday, August 11, 2013

Do These Guardians of the Galaxy Set Pics Show the Destruction of Xandar

The Guardians of the Galaxy film crew took over Millenium Bridge in London this morning for a while.  The futuristic-looking suspension bridge was used to film what appears to be various alien species evacuating from some sort of impending doom, which could very well be the destruction of the planet Xandar, which I hypothesized might happen in the film.  One thing is for sure, two of the pictures clearly show a member of the Nova Corps heading the evacuation across the bridge.

A Nova Corps Centurion, in helmet, makes a run for it

Given that the majority of the filming for Guardians of the Galaxy will be in studio, it was a rare pleasure to get a peek at some of what's going on ahead of the August1, 2014 release.